Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Baby and Some Sticker Books.

Meet Greyson.

He was born on February 22nd--one week before his due date.  It's so crazy, but I must have known he was coming.  On Friday (the 21st), I worked the whole school day, and for some reason, instead of taking my exhausted self home, I felt the need to clean up the classroom, get morning work printed for a few days the following week, and leave out my maternity binder and a few sticky notes with directions.  I'm soooo glad I did.  Because only a few hours later, I was having contractions, and it was baby time!

So, I'm currently on maternity leave, enjoying precious moments with my sweet little guy.

Random thought, but, it is so hard to believe that almost 4 years ago, I was starting this blog.  Emma was then a newborn, and I wasn't sure what do with myself during her naps...so I made a blog!  :)

Anyway, in between feedings, snuggles, nap times, cleaning, playing with Emma, cooking, and a little crafting, I am trying to squeeze in some time to update and refresh old units, and possibly finish ones I have started!  I really do have TpT/creativity ADD--I have at least 4 projects that I started months ago, and have never finished. {I really annoy myself sometimes.}

Here is one of the recent updates that I'm excited about..

My best selling Sight Word Sticker Book is now NEW and IMPROVED!  I love the changes made to it, and I've already been able to put it into use this school year.  I must say...I like it.  I like it a lot.  #justsayin.  {Can you hashtag on a blog?}  #addictedtohashtags  #iblameinstagram  #sorrynotsorry

This NEW sticker book covers all of the Dolch words--and it is split into different books arranged by the Dolch lists: pre-primer, primer, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade--so there are 5 books in all.  This book also includes a sight word *spelling* option, which has been great for differentiating with all of my students.  For my strugglers, I only asked them to read the words for stickers, and for my more experienced readers, I have been able to challenge them to learn how to spell the words to earn their stickers.

Some teachers use these books with all of their students (like me), but I know of many others who use them just for intervention--either way, it has been my most favorite tool in motivating students to practice, learn, and retain their sight words.

If you already own a copy of my Sight Word Sticker Book (Dolch Version only right now), go download your revised version here!  If you don't own a copy, please follow me on Facebook and leave a comment below to win one!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
I will also be working on adding my Fry Version to TpT sometime soon!  :)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Long Vowel /a/ Cupcakes Freebies

We are learning long /a/ this week--and I wanted to share a two quick and easy printable activities that I made for phonics review and our word work station!  The first activity is "Color a Cupcake"--the kids had fun "decorating" their cupcakes using crayons, and then they had to read, color, cut, and glue on "sprinkles" with the long a phonics pattern, a_e.

The other activity is a game the kids will continue to play throughout the week at word work.  It is called "Shake, Read, & Color".  This partner game is very simple--the kids take turns rolling the adorable glittery cupcake die--(graphics by Glitter Meets Glue).  If it lands on "ai" the child would look at his or her own page, read an "ai" word like "chain" and then color it (if they read the word correctly).  The first player to color the entire page of cupcakes wins the game!  Easy, but great mixed review for the combinations of letters that make the long a sound.

I hope you'll enjoy using these in your own classroom!  
Click the picture below to download these two activities:

Monday, February 17, 2014

100 Chart Puzzles

So sorry I haven't been around this old blog in awhile.  I am TWO weeks away from my due date...and I just can't wait to meet my baby boy!  All things baby have been on the brain.  I promise to be a better blogger, but for now, please keep in touch with me through Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest!  {Even though I haven't been the best blogger the past couple of months, I can tell you that I've been an AMAZING "pinner"!  #justsaying  #truth}

On to the hundred chart puzzles!

If you follow me on Instagram, you have already seen this idea in my pictures, and I promised a few friends that I'd share my hundred chart with them!  This isn't really a new and fancy idea--but my students have LOVED it this year!  

Here's how to make your own hundred chart puzzles in 3 quick and easy little steps:

1.  Go to Michael's or Hobby Lobby and grab yourself a giant pack of rainbow card stock.  {The more colors, the better!}  Is it just me, or do y'all just love buying colorful paper?  So fun.

2.  Print out the 100 chart I have posted below onto a variety of colors of your bright card stock, and laminate.  {Click the picture below to download.}
3.  Cut the 100 charts into pieces--making sure to cut each one differently to make it challenging!  Add the cut  "puzzle" pieces to a baggie, with a color label matching the puzzle inside the bag.

This activity has been a favorite for my early finishers.  I also use them as a choice during math stations, and they were also a great addition to our 100th day activities!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

All I Want for Christmas

The last time I blogged I said I didn't have a shopping problem.  Well, it's official.  I kind of do.  I need to calm it down with the shopping--but y'all, there are so many CUTE and pretty and fun things out there to buy!  I love giving gifts! I am super excited to link up with my sweet friend Hope King to share some of my favorite gift ideas for Christmas! 

...Maybe the Mr. will read my blog, and see these little wishes for me...

Oakley Aviators.  So pretty!

And, to go with the new aviators, the cutest sunglasses case EVER…from my new favorite shop, The Pleated Poppy!

Fleur de Lis glasses (in all colors) from Anthropologie.  

Frye boots!   LOVE.

A little mini camera from FujiFilm!  Like Polaroids, but so cute and tiny!  I want one just for fun!

This Kate Spade watch.  I have a beautiful Michael Kors watch that I wear all the time and love like crazy, but I thought I could switch it up every now and then with this little casual one!  

And these precious pillow cases.  

Now, on to gift ideas for the hubs.  He is really tricky to buy for, and I always think he secretly hates what I give him.  Well, let's see what he'll secretly hate this year…

A Nest thermostat.  He requested this one, so surely he won't hate it!  I don't really understand what it does, but it sounds cool, and he loves cool things.

A Nike Fuel band.  Great for runners!

Life is Good PJ pants.

These rockin' fun mix tape glasses from Uncommon Goods.  
You can write on them and erase--fun for parties!

This Facebook "Like" stamp!  So cute for grading papers.

The "Apple of my Eye" pendant from Stella & Dot.

Cute monogrammed mega cup with straw from Swoozies!  

A mini cooler for the classroom--just large enough to hold a few drinks or your lunch bag.  

Unique, hand made zipper pouches from Gussy Sews.  LOVE her stuff.

Monogrammed throw pillows from Etsy.

The "Chunky Throw" from West Elm.  I own one, and want more.  Best blanket ever.

Birchbox:  have a box delivered to someone monthly--filled with fun product samples!  They have them for women and men!  

That's my list!  Now go share yours!  Link up with Hope at 2nd Grade Shenanigans!  

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Show Us What You Bought!

I LOVE my purchases from the TpT sale!  Please visit each link below to take you to the product of these rockstar teachers!

1.  Merry, Merry Mistletoe {Centers and More} by Michelle Oakes  -- FULL of Christmas cuteness that I can NOT wait to add to my stations for the next few weeks (plus…it is all differentiated--perfect)!

2.  Pack It, Learn It!  by teaching genius & the one and only--Kim Adsit  {Can I please BE her?  Her ideas in this packet are fantastic, practical, and perfect for my first graders.}

3.  I bought TWO packets from the Moffatt Girls.  Because they are awesome.  These packets are quick & easy to print and go--and they cover a crazy amount of skills in the cutest way possible. Win. Win. Win.

4.  Scrappy Stick Kid Clip Art by Graphics From the Pond!  AHHH!  Her art is so adorable and unique.  Can't wait to create with these little guys.

What did you buy--that you love--that I also *need* to have?  Link up with Blog Hoppin' to share!  :)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Merry Christmas, "Ya Filthy Animal!"

I can NOT wait for Christmas.  I've already blown up my Pinterest boards with Christmasy ideas, and have ordered so many decorations from Etsy that my husband is beginning to worry (just a little) from the amount of packages being delivered.  It's totally fine.  I do not have a shopping problem.  {At least, I don't *think* I have a shopping problem.}  I'm nesting, people!

Christmasy traditions I can't wait to continue this year…(these are a mixture of classroom related…and not classroom related stuff)--and, get ready, because I'm going to quote a ridiculous amount of Christmas movies in the following list:

1.  Watching Elf while putting up our family Christmas Tree the day after Thanksgiving!  {"Santa!  I know him!!!"  and "These toilets are GINORMOUS!"}

2.  Baking and decorating sugar cookies with my mom to remember and honor a sweet family friend who passed away years ago.  She made the absolute BEST sugar cookies in the world.  Even though I try, I still can't make them the way she did!

3.  A new tradition--thanks to inspiration from my friend, Cara Carroll--random acts of kindness! {Check out Cara's blog for her list of RACKing ideas!} I do this at school with my students too!  We discuss fun ideas to help out and make someone's day--and we talk about how this is the season of giving.  I explain that they are never too little to brighten someone's day.  I love how the kids get into it!

4.  Our grade level (teacher's only) "Dirty Santa/white elephant" party!  This year, I'm super pumped to be hosting the party at my house.  I love nothing more than planning a good party.  Below is the invite I created for it…{please know--if you've never watched the movie Home Alone, then you will NOT get this invitation!}  "Keep the change…ya filthy animal."

5.  Christmas Around the World scrapbooks!  Ahhhh!  I love doing this every year!  I am really excited because I have recently updated the scrapbook--everything in it looks 110 percent better-- in my opinion!  Please, if you bought this packet from me in the past, go download the new version under "my purchases" on TpT!  I hope you will love the new look, and new activities I've added!  :)  If you are interested in purchasing it, please click the pictures below:

Side note: {This unit takes me about 2-3 weeks to complete!  We "fly" to a country and complete new activities every two days!  The scrapbook comes with a teacher's guide, boarding passes, passport and stamps, letter home, and so much more!}

6.  Watching A Christmas Story on Christmas Eve {"You'll shoot you're eye out!"  "I triple-dog dare you!" and "It's a major award!"--leg lamp, anyone?}  while also eating a late night snack of mashed potatoes and corn.  (Yep, mashed potatoes and corn--the hubs and I have done this every year we've been married.)

7.  Polar Express Day at school!  I love that we all wear PJ's, enjoy hot chocolate, and watch The Polar Express!  Such a cozy and fun day.

8.  Having my whole family over for Christmas Eve.  The whole night, everyone randomly recites quotes from the movie Christmas Vacation--and we all laugh like it's the first time we've ever heard it...  "Is your house on fire, Clark?" I swear, my whole family could probably reenact that entire movie.  Cracks.  me. up.

{So, I just realized...almost all of my traditions involve movies! Ha!}
I love hearing about family/classroom Christmas traditions!  If you tell me about one of your most unique/special/cherished Christmas traditions (in the comments), I might just pick you to win a free copy of my updated, new and improved Christmas Around the World Scrapbook!  Leave your comment and your email address!    

P.S. If you don't follow me on Instagram, please do!  I have been better lately at updating my Instagram with fun classroom ideas than updating my blog--it's just so easy to snap a picture and write a quick little note!  I'm @firstgraderatlast  on Instagram!


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Boo Y'all {Read this for some Treats!}

Have you ever been "booed"?!  Well, I haven't until this year...and this year I've been "booed" twice--and I just all kinds of LOVE it!  First, you should know, I big *PUFFY heart* LOVE fall.  It's my favorite.  I've been so busy lately, that it has been hard getting into the Halloween spirit--but my two "BOO's" have really gotten me on some kind of crazy Halloween crafting/pumpkin muffin baking/decorating/driving my husband crazy kick!

My first "BOO" happened at school.  One early morning, I was shuffling all my stuff--along with my coffee and blueberry muffin--feeling very sleepy and a little sorry for myself when I noticed a bag on my classroom door.  It wasn't anything too fancy--but it was holding boxes of Little Debbie Bat Brownies for my whole class (plus some extra for this pregnant teacher--YAY!  BROWNIES!!!), and a fun little poem and door decoration.  Made my day.  So I created a Boo bag for another class to help spread the Halloween cheer!  Then...last night, while the hubs and I were watching a VERY scary movie that was totally freaking me out, we saw a lady outside our front door window--and we both screamed.  Turns out, the sweet lady was giving us a "BOO"--hope we didn't scare her, too!!!  We opened the door to a glow in the dark bucket of candy and Halloween toys for Emma!  FUN!  I went to Michael's today to get my Boo-ing supplies, and found tons of Halloween deals for just $1!  Sweet!  I made these little Frankenstein buckets to BOO our neighbors tonight:

{Green buckets + paint pens + five minutes = adorbs Frankenstein buckets}

In other news, I've started creating again!  I've been in a creative slump, people.  I'm not gonna lie.  You know what's on my mind lately?  Babies.  Nurseries.  Cute little clothes.  Stuff like that.

{My nursery inspiration board!  It's a...BOY!!!!!}  

Anyway, on to the teaching stuff!!! :)  It feels good to have made a few new things for my class of curious little first graders!  This week, I'm teaching L blends--so I made a big practice packet called "Blends with Friends" to use during whole group, reading stations, and small group.  

Last week, I had fun integrating our bat unit into language arts with my "Bat-tastic Contractions" packet!  Nikki from Melonheadz gets me with her clip art.  Every.  Time.  Had to have those bats--and I just HAD to make something fun with them!  My kids loved the pocket chart bat-tivities.

And, as Halloween approaches, I want to make a class-created book!  Class books are one of my favorite things to do, and I NEVER seem to have time to do them anymore! :(  Sadsville. We've made a BIG book together, but not one that I can laminate and put on the reading shelf, SO... I created a class- created book template called "The Spooky House".  First, I am going to read The Haunted House by Eve Bunting--I love that book in all its simplicity--and I love the illustrations!  Then, I will do a mini lesson on descriptive words.  The kids will help brainstorm a list of describing words for a spooky/haunted house, and then I will give each student a page to fill in the sentence and illustrate!

The first person to guess my favorite Halloween candy will get all THREE of the above packets for FREE!  Leave a comment and your email!!!

I have also included 3 quick owl math pages for free download below, and my "BOO" letter and door hanger for you to use to BOO someone!*****And that's my Boo for Y'all!!!!*****
Happy Halloween...and get to BOOing!!!


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